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At CricketPRO, we want to make sure that your online shopping experience is great in terms of range, price and delivery. We have collaborated with the best shipping companies in South Africa to ensure that your product reaches you on time and in the best conditions.

Here are the key terms and conditions with regards to our Shipping Policy:

Delivery Timelines

The delivery timelines for your product would depend on three key parameters –

  1. a) The nature of product you’ve ordered
  2. b) Your shipping address.
  3. c) Back Orders/Pre-Orders

In general our products are shipped within the broad range of 5 to 7 business days.

Back Orders / Pre-Orders

These are special orders placed upon receipt of payment when an item or items are not in stock or available. This option is only displayed on certain items when placing orders. You should just proceed and we will do the work back office to ensure you receive your item. *These orders are generally delivered to you within 7 to 21 Business days.

If you need more specific details with regards to delivery timelines, you may write us on and we would be more than happy to provide you all necessary information.

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